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    Encino, California-based Premium Choice is experiencing tremendous expansion.

    Premium Choice is committed to offering excellent customer service and hospitality while supporting our customers in finding inexpensive and trustworthy insurance. Telesales for life and health insurance is what we do best. With our help, clients are able to find more cost-effective solutions while also saving time.


    In order to better serve our customers, we've assembled a fantastic team of seasoned professionals. Good is not good enough for us. This includes providing the finest service to our customers, providing the best rate, and ensuring that our workers are as successful as they can be. This excitement fuels our devotion and humanity in whatever we do. Premium Choice is committed to its workers' personal and professional success. People are the heart and soul of our organization, which is why we hold them in such high regard. In addition to our strong retention rate, Premium Choice wants to help our employees create long-term careers inside the company. Your responsibilities as an agent could include Provide an overview of the many health and life insurance options available to consumers, including Medicare. Enrollment in the best health and life insurance plans is increasing.


    Because of their remarkable abilities, kindness, and reliability, the employees at Premium Choice motivate you to strive for greater heights. A professional who cares about his customers and is prepared to go the extra mile in order to deliver top-notch service is worth their weight in gold. Our Sales Team Is Able to Help You from Anywhere in the World! In Southern California, we have a successful insurance agency. As of this year's end, we hope to have 1,000 agents working from home. The policies that we find are both reasonable and dependable are what we specialize in. They must be honest and trustworthy.


    Top producers at Insure Choice thrive when the majority of the marketing and administrative tasks are transferred to others. Using the phone, an agent can illustrate how productive a TOP PRODUCER can be. We feel that no other company in the life insurance industry can match what we offer independent brokers. Helping agents achieve their goals while providing the finest possible customer service are our top priorities.


    The process of growing and learning Opportunities for progress in the workplace are unlimited, including cutting-edge training and coaching that will aid in your professional development. We have a role to play. Daily. Clients feel safe, appreciated, and respected because of the care and attention they receive. I need assistance with my computer. With us, remote support has always existed. visionary leadership Customers and employees alike can expect nothing less from our management. Both are necessary. As a result, you won't have to rely on hunches to gauge your progress. On a regular basis, management and employees examine their performance and growth.

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